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Russell's Alpaca Acres

Environmentally-friendly, stress free lifestyle

Environmentally-friendly, stress free lifestyle

Russell's are a full service farm. We would love to help your farm get started or continue to grow through mentoring you in all aspects of the alpaca lifestyle. Call us for a farm visit and see why owning and loving alpacas is so rewarding.

Welcome to Russell's Alpaca Acres

Started in 2012, our farm began, on 2 acres of land in the middle of the beautiful Finger Lakes, with 5 female alpaca. Throughout the first year, we continued to purchase quality animals.
The first cria born to our farm was in the month of May in 2013. A male we named Guinnesson, or Jr. as we call him.
We however, quickly out grew our 2 acres and in June of 2014 we moved to provide our "kids" more pasture and a much larger barn.
Since then, we added more pastures, a new barn and now have 36 alpacas with 9 more cria due this summer.
We are beginning the process of selling a few of our "kids" to ensure our new crop will have space to grow. Come see for yourself why an "Alpaca Lifestyle" is so rewarding. Jay and I would love to work with you and put together a package deal to get your farm started. After having some great mentors ourselves, we are now ready to mentor others that would like the rewarding alpaca lifestyle.
Come take a farm tour, learn about alpacas and enjoy learning all aspects of what alpacas can bring to your farm. Experience with livestock is not required. Alpacas are very easy, smart, self-sufficient and low maintenance livestock. Whether you are interested in pets and breeding stock, please contact us for some amazing alpacas at great prices.
Or if you would like to have a couple alpacas at your country wedding, see the pictures of how our alpacas were part of a wedding.

To say last year was a tough year at Russell’s would be an understatement. And the last 2 days of last year were unbelievable.

With all that said I need to reduce my herd to make the farm more manageable for one person.
I would like to say a a huge THANK YOU for all the well wishes. And for all the help Jay and I received this pass year from our wonderful friends, I could have survived without you.

We offer financing over $1000